Creating myMarketing Campaigns

Marketing is an important piece of your business.  What, you didn’t know you were in the marketing business? Well, consider all of the things that you have to market in order to keep your business going: Your Skills, Your Listings, Your Website, Your Company and of course You!  One of the most important pieces of your business is LEAD GENERATION!  Marketing is a part of your lead generation process, but NOT a total replacement.  Ok, so let’s get to the customization of myMarketing!myMarketing Campaigns

Let’s talk about the Campaigns because they are pre-built systems in place that do some of the marketing for you!  Sign into your and click on the + next to the myMarketing then click on the “Manage and Create Campaigns”.  Then at the top left you will see an option for “Build a New Campaign” and click on it.  You will see a list of types of campaigns.  If you do not have “pro Market Leader” they will will have some titles with the word “pro” next to it.  Today we are going to focus on strictly the eEdge basic side of myMarketing.  The three main sections are Market my Business: Buyers, Sellers, and Sphere.  The other option you will see when you click on each one of these is there are two of each campaign.  One is for individual agents and the other with the same name says “team” next to it which means the wording is geared toward comments like “we” instead of “I” and “ours” instead of “my”.  You get the idea.

Options when selecting a Campaign

Options when selecting a Campaign

First we are going to talk about a 8×8 (either Buyer or Seller).  In case you are wondering an 8×8 stands for making 8 touches in 8 weeks.  For this example I’m clicking on “8×8 Seller: Here to Help You Sell”.  Once you have selected the campaign you will see 3 boxes that say “Email”, “Multi-Chanel” and “Direct Mail”.  Inside each box shows the pieces listed as emails, direct mail and activities.  Next to the list of pieces is the “Cost $ per contact”.  Email is free and direct mail costs money to print and postage to mail, so depending on your option will have a different expense.  Before you click on one of them, you might want to preview the pieces, so click on “Campaign Elements” at the bottom of the box.  Once you do, the words will turn red and display a snap shot of the pieces along with the title, scheduled date and delivery format.  Click on one to display a sample of what it will look like larger with your marketing information on it. (Marketing information comes from your set-up section under myMarketing and Manage eEdge Website.)  At the top click on the red “Next Step”.

Adding and Removing Contacts in a Campaign

Adding and Removing Contacts in a Campaign

Now you have to select who you want to send it to.  If you are going to completely customize it and not send it right away, you might want to just put yourself on it and then go back and add your contacts.  Select the name(s) you want to add to this campaign and click on the “Add”.  It will open a box that will tell you how many contacts you have selected and the cost both per contact and total cost.  Click on the box that says “I have previewed all elements and approve them to be sent to selected contacts” and then click “+ Add Contacts to Campaign”.  You will then see the contacts you selected on the right side and it will say “Active” next to their name.  Now at the top click on “Save Campaign”.  If you selected a campaign that costs money and you do not have billing set up, it will pop up a message and then ask you if you want to set it up now or cancel.  It will not add your contacts and put your campaign in “Inactive, Add Contacts” status.

Options on the Campaign Home Screen

Options on the Campaign Home Screen

Your campaign is now set up and ready to go.  The next post will contain details of editing and enhancing your campaign, so check back.

I can be reached at, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at


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