DotLoop Form Sets

A Form Set can be used to save you lots of time when listing a house or writing a contract.  Inside myTransactions, powered by DotLoop are Form Sets, which is what they call groups of documents pre-selected together.  You can create a Form Set in two ways.

Form Set Menu

The first way to create a form set is to go into the “My Account” section and on the middle right list of additional options, click on “Form Sets”.  Now you will see an “Add” button at the top right of each type of loop.  Once you click the “Add” button it will take you to the form list and attachment libraries.  Select the appropriate forms for the group of forms you want.  For example if you are putting together forms for a Residential FHA Contract, then you would want to add all of your state or board forms needed.  Not only can you select from your forms, but you can also select any attachments that you have loaded.  You will need to name your Form Set at the top.  Once you have added all of the forms and attachments to complete your Form Set, click “Save & Continue” at the bottom right. Once you have saved them it will take you back to the list of Form Sets.

Edit Form Set Defaults

Click on the same From Set again and you will see “Edit Defaults” next to the forms and attachments. You can go through each from and fill in the information that is the same on every contract or listing.  For example, you are always the selling agent on your own contract so you can fill in your information.  Don’t forget to “Save & Complete” after you are done with each form.  The attachments also allow you to add the signatures, initials, text boxes or checkboxes.  (TIP: You can also use the Layouts from your office, see the other blog post about Layouts)  Once you have made all your changes, “Save & Continue” at the bottom.

Form Set Selected

The second way to create a Form Set starts the same way you select one to use.  When creating a loop, before you select the loop type, there is a drop down below the loop type that will display the current Form Sets for that loop type.  Select one and then click the loop type to create the loop.  It will ask for the address and then take you to the form and attachment.  Select the forms that you want to add to your Form Set and check the “Save” box on the right.  Click “Save & Continue” at the bottom right and then you will have the forms selected for that loop and a Form Set created.  This is the faster way to create a Form Set that you are also going to use, but it does not allow you to edit the defaults here.  To edit the defaults, refer back to the previous paragraph on how to edit them.

Quick Save Form Set

The DotLoop Form Sets can also be added from the broker level, but as the agent you can not edit the defaults until you save them as your own Form Set.

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