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In any system there are tools and tricks that you don’t fully understand the power of what they can do.  Until recently I have not used a piece of the Loop Templates.  Loop Templates are something that can be created by an admin for an office or team.  For more information on how to create Loop Templates, click here.  Within the Loop Templates, they have an option to “Make Global and Hidden”.  As you can see, this is a tip only for Dotloop offices and teams.

New Loop TemplateGlobal Purchase Type

Here is how it works, go into the “Templates” on the admin profile and at the top you will see “Loops”.  Click on “New Loop Template” and then select the type and name it.  I would recommend you name it something that says “Global” or “Office Template”.  Keep in mind that no one outside of admin will even see this name you give it.  Don’t focus on Documents, Folders or Tasks.  We are editing the “Roles” and “Loop Fields”(details) inside the loops.

Template RolesFor the “Roles” I would recommend adding a “Referral Agent” role and any other that you think your agents will use multiple times.  Next, edit the order.  I’m not a fan of the default order and it makes more since to me as an agent to have Buyer, Buying Agent, Buying Broker together and the Seller, Listing Agent and Listing Broker together so put them in an order that makes since in your market/office.

Loop FieldsNow my favorite, the “Loop Fields”, also known as the details.  Here is where you can really make the loop details your own!  Any text, dropdown or date field that you want to add, you can.  Here is an example: If you hare in a KW office you might want to ask the agent if they have “Greensheet Submitted?” as a drop down with the answers being: “Yes, because I’m cool like that.” or “No, but I’m doing it now!”  The more impressive part is that now that you have what you want in the loop fields, you can “Require” that an agent answer the question, fill in the blank, or add a date an ANY of the loop fields.  A great example would be if you want to require a “Purchase Price” or “Closing Date” for all “Purchase” transactions.

Required Submit

You will need to create another loop template for each type of loop.

Make Global and Hidden

Once you have created the template and have it looking the way that you want, you will need to click the 3 dots next to name of the loop template and then select, “Make Global and Hidden”.  Doing this means that it is going to edit the “View Details” in all of the loops created or changed into that type after you have made the changes above and clicked “save”!

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