Email Creates a New Loop

Some features completely change the way you do something!  This new option to create a loop by sending an email is one such feature.  It is pretty simple and here is how it works.

1. Create an email to your dotloop email address.  (Your email address is typically  It can also be found in the templates section at the top of the page.)  Sample Email new Loop

2. In this email, attach the documents you want to load into the loop and in the subject line type this: “new loop:”.  The colon is required.  If you do not add anything after the colon it will name it “This is your new loop”.  If you do add something after the “:” then that will be the name of the loop.  For example: “new loop: 1st Emailed Loop”, then your loop will be named exactly that, see the example below.

New Loop from Email

This does not submit it to the office for you, but it does create the loop for you.  This is a great option for agents that just want to turn in documents but not use all of the options of dotloop.

The second new feature to emailing into your dotloop account is that you can now add documents to a specific loop just by sending an email.  The email address to send it to can be found inside your loop under the “add documents” and it is the 3rd option on the right.  Please note: If you change the loop name, the “email files in” address will also files in

It’s time for you to try!  Go create your own 1st Emailed Loop!

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Embed Video into eEdge Website

I get this question asked a lot and it is a great way to enhance your website!  For todays example, we are going to add the YouTube video by KWRI with Jay Papasan of “Why some houses sit while others sell” to our Sell tab of our eEdge website.

Manage eEdge Website

Manage eEdge Website

First, sign into your intranet and go the “Manage eEdge Website” under the myMarketing section of your eEdge.  We are going to add a video in the “Sell” tab of your eEdge website so go to the “Sell Text” on the left side of the screen.  Scroll down to the bottom of the edit box and click on the box to put your curser at the end of the text.  Press enter to add a space and that is where are are going to add our video.

YouTube Embed VideoNow, on another tab or window to to the website that has the video you want to enter.  For this one we are going to and search for the video.  Once you find the video you want click on the “Share” button below the video and then “Embed”.  Now select the “Use old embed code” and unselect the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”.  You can also change the size of the video box by selecting the drop down or choosing custom to add your own size.  Copy all of the code in the box above.

Do NOT forget to click the HTML button!

Do NOT forget to click the HTML button!

Go back to your website and you should be on the same place where you left your curser at the bottom of the “Sell Text” box.  The most important step to this is to click the HTML button at the top of the edit box.  If you skip this step it WILL lock up this page if you try to insert HTML code to the regular box and save it!  Once the HTML box opens, it will look like garbage, but scroll to the bottom and “paste” the embed code from YouTube.  Click “Update” and it will take you back to the edit box.  You will only see a yellow box where the video will show on the website.  You can now center the video or change the alignment by putting your curser next to the yellow box and selecting the alignment at the top.  Click the “Save” button and go to your website to make sure it shows the way you want it to.  To see our finished product from this example, click here.  Now you have embed a video into your eEdge website!

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Are you Ready for the KW Mobile App?

As I’m sure you have heard, Keller Williams is coming out with an App for every agent!  Before the App is launched at the first of the year, there are some things you can do to be sure your app will work starting the day it is launched.
Here is how you make sure you are set up.  First log into your and then on the home tab click on “Agent Website Administration”.  When the new window opens go into “4.0 Add Listing/IDX Search” and then “4.1 Add IDX Search”.  In the middle of the screen you will see an option to check a box next to “YES! Set up my eAgentC IDX powered by WolfNet” and then “Sign Up”.  It will then take you to the next screen that has additional directions.  From here you just have to wait about 2 weeks for an email with a link to add to this same page.  You may be wondering how this is connected to your myKW App, well this is where the IDX pulls the listings for your clients to search.  Do you know what an IDX is?  IDX stands for Internet Data eXchange and it allows your customers to have access to search the “public” part of MLS using your connection as a REALTOR to MLS.  WolfNet is the vender partner that provides the data stream from your local MLS to Keller Williams systems.

Adding IDX to eAgentC and getting KW App ready

Once you get the email from WolfNet confirming your IDX is active, it will also include a link.  That link will need to be added in the 4.1 section of the Agent Website Administration and saved.  Now you are set for the IDX portion of the myKW App and your eAgentC website IDX.

IDX is Added, but your not done yet!

Get your Profile to 100%

The other part of making sure you are myKW App ready is to get your profile percentage to 100%.  From the home screen in your you will see a number below your name.  Below your picture is a link that says “Profile” and once you have clicked on that it will take you to the screen that shows your sections of profile.  In the 3rd column from the left under the word “My Referrals” click the “edit” link.  The top section needs to have something in each field with the accept ion of the first and last ones (Team Name and Loss Midigation Resume).  In the second section the only fields that are not required are the YouTube URL, Google+ and LinkedIn.  All of the rest need to have at least something in them.  If you do not have a Facebook or Blog, you can always put KWRI’s links in those fields.  The links for those are: Facebook: KellerWilliamsRealty, Twitter: kwri, Blog:  You can put any video on the YouTub link as long as you click the “share” button on the YouTube video to display on your profile.  Don’t forget to “Save” at the bottom!

That should do it, you are ready to go!

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