Loop Template Timesavers!

Loop Templates are something that an office can set up and help their agents me more efficient and turn in the files in a proper order.  This blog post is going to focus on office or brokerage options in Loop Templates.  Agents if your office is not using these, feel free to forward this to them so they can utilize their tools in dotloop.

Loop Templates can be found under “Templates” on the brokerage admin profile.  The top option on the left says “Loops”.  If you have not set up any loop templates, you will see a screen that says “Try it now”.  If you have, then you will see all of your loop templates on the left below “Loops”.  Click on the “New Template” or “Try it now” and get started.  It will pop up a screen that asks you to name the loop template.  You can use anything and some examples are: Residential Listing Package, Residential Sale Documents, Rental Listing, Referral (Sending, not receiving).  Once you have named it, you will also have a drop down below that asks you what kind of loop, if you are setting up a real estate transaction, you will want to select “sale”.  This will automatically add the correct fields and roles needed for that type of transaction.Loop Templates Start

At the top is where you add a folder for the documents and then add the documents.  If we are working on a “Residential Listing Package”, then we might add folders with the names: “Listing Documents”, “Offer Documents (1 per folder)”, “Inspections, Reports & Other”.  By adding the folder names the way the office wants to receive them, they are more likely to come in complete in the correct format according to your office needs.  Now that you have folders, add the documents or placeholders that you want in each folder.  I should note that you can only create placeholders in the document section and not on the loop templates, but once you create them in your document templates, you can load them into your loop templates.  If you leave your loop templates page to go create and organize the documents in the document templates, don’t forget to “save” at the bottom so you don’t loose what you have done.Loop Templates

The next section is for the “people”.  Offices typically don’t add many people in this section, but if you have a title company or attorney that everyone uses, then this is where you would add them.  Below people are the “Tasks”.  This is where you can add any compliance or task lists that you want to appear on every loop using this template.  The negative is that you will have to type them out and can not load from your task list templates, but you only have to type it once.  This will save you time from adding the task lists later when doing compliance.Loop Templates People & Tasks

The “Roles” section is interesting because you cad add roles that you might have wanted to use before, but were not able to edit.  A good example of this is to add “Referral Agent”.  Many times referrals are sent and received and we don’t have a standard “role” in the loop.   Along with adding roles, you can add fields of information that you want for each of these roles, for example the referral agent’s address or phone number.Loop Templates Roles 2

The bottom is my favorite part of the loop templates, which are the “Fields”.  What is cool about this section is that you can now require information to be input before an agent can submit their file.  For example, if they are turning in a listing, you can require the agent to enter the “List Date” and “Expiration Date” and “Original List Price”.  By requiring this information, you insure that you get exactly what you need completed, filled out.  It also allows you to sort for this information as well.  If it is blank you won’t find the loops sorting by the price, list date or expiration date in this example.  New fields can also be added in any of these categories or create a new category.  Some offices have certain forms that they want the agent to complete and maybe that information has to be put into another system like MLS or franchise system.  You could add a field to ask the agent “Greensheet Completed?” and make that a multiple choice, fill in the blank or an amount.Loop Templates Fields

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to “SAVE” and in order for your agents to see these, you will need to “Enable Template” at the top of each.  Until you enable them, the agents can not see them.  This gives you time to get them the way you want them and the activate them for all to see.  There are endless possibilities with these loop templets.  Happy looping and enjoy creating new possibilities of organization for your office!

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Templates for Everything!

There is a template for everything! With the recent update to dotloop, you can now use any document and create a “template” to overlay onto another document. For example, if you receive a disclosure that is already completed and signed by a seller and you only need the buyer’s initials and/or signature you can load that document and save the fields that you have overlaid as a “template” to use again. Another use for this would be states that do not have documents in dotloop and this allows an agent or office to create an “overlay” template to allow the agents or clients to complete and sign them. Let me show you how to do it.Form Template

There are two ways this can be done, and I’m going to tell you about creating it from your “templates”.  First sign-into dotloop and go to “Templates”.  Once there, click on your documents and the folder (or create a new folder, for example: Form Templates).  Then click “Add Document” at the top right and select your document from your computer.  For this example I’m using a property disclosure.  With your document added, click on the document to edit it.  Using your menu options at the top, drag and drop the field that you want on the document for example: Initials and Signatures.  It also helps to assign the “roles” of who should be signing there.  Once you have the document the way you want it, click “Save” at the top right.  It will take you back to your templates and now your form template is ready for use.Form Fields

In order to apply the template, go into any loop.  Add the document that is part signed by the other side, in this case a disclosure.  Open the document and click on “more” at the top and then select “Apply Template”.  You will notice that you can also create a template from any form as well, but please note that specific document will then be stored in your templates.  Select the correct template and voila! The boxes could be a little off based on if the new document was scanned straight or is the same size as the original, but even if you need to make a few adjustments, this still saves you time!More Form Options

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at http://www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.  For technology training or consulting assistance visit http://www.iCarolyn.com.

Email Creates a New Loop

Some features completely change the way you do something!  This new option to create a loop by sending an email is one such feature.  It is pretty simple and here is how it works.

1. Create an email to your dotloop email address.  (Your email address is typically firstname.lastname@upload.dotloop.com.  It can also be found in the templates section at the top of the page.)  Sample Email new Loop

2. In this email, attach the documents you want to load into the loop and in the subject line type this: “new loop:”.  The colon is required.  If you do not add anything after the colon it will name it “This is your new loop”.  If you do add something after the “:” then that will be the name of the loop.  For example: “new loop: 1st Emailed Loop”, then your loop will be named exactly that, see the example below.

New Loop from Email

This does not submit it to the office for you, but it does create the loop for you.  This is a great option for agents that just want to turn in documents but not use all of the options of dotloop.

The second new feature to emailing into your dotloop account is that you can now add documents to a specific loop just by sending an email.  The email address to send it to can be found inside your loop under the “add documents” and it is the 3rd option on the right.  Please note: If you change the loop name, the “email files in” address will also change.email files in

It’s time for you to try!  Go create your own 1st Emailed Loop!

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eEdge on the GO!

What is eEdge on the Go?  Put simply it is our myKW eEdge section optimized for your mobile device.  Does not matter if you are using an iPhone or Android or any other smart phone, it will WORK!! Since I’m an iPhone user, these directions and pictures are going to be for an iPhone, and other than the app you use to surf the web, they will be the same.

eEdge on the Go, Home Screen

Start by going into your web search app, like Safari, then in the address bar, type mykw.kw.com and “go”.  This will take you to the login screen and enter your myKW login and password and type “login”.

Quick iPhone/iPad Tip: Once logged in, before you click on anything else, tap on the square with the arrow button and you will see a middle button showing “kw e” and below it says “Add to Home Screen”.  Once you tap on it, it will create an icon on your phone that all you need to do is tap on the button to get into your eEdge on the Go.

eEdge on the Go, Home Screen


Now that you are logged in, you will see 6 squares.  If you scroll your screen up to see the bottom, that is where you can switch market centers if you need to or click on the “myKW Full Site” if you don’t want the mobile version.

myLeads: This icon shows your number of leads in the top left corner.  When you tap on it, it will take you into another screen with New Contacts, New Messages (your eEdge messages), Search Contacts and Reminders.  Below that also lists eEdge on the Go! (back to the home screen), Add Contact or Go to Full Version.  This article is not about how to use each part of the system, so we are just going over the buttons.

myContacts to Go

myContacts: This button takes you to Search Contacts.  Enter the name, status, type, group, phone number or email and then tap the “search” at the bottom right.  To go back click on the top left corner.

Contact Messages: Straight into your eEdge messages!!  No more need to log into the system on a computer to check your eEdge mail!  Just tap on one of the messages and you will have the option for “file” or “reply”.

myActionPlans Tasks: This icon will open in a new window.  It looks like the myActionPlans in your myKW, but it is also mobile optimized.  In order to go back to eEdge on the Go, you will need to tap on the bottom right button with a number in it (number of windows open). Then scroll to the left (or right) to find the window with eEdge on the Go on it.eEdge Intranet

Market Center Intranet:  If you are in a business center, you will need to switch to your main market center for this to work.  It will show you all the features of the intranet, just in a scaled down and simple version.  The pictures will not display on posts however you can tap on the link or title and it will expand.  You can not create a post from the mobile version, but you can most certainly make a comment on an existing post.  The cool part is the calendar shows at the top under the menu and are easy to read.  This one also opens in a new window, so you will have to go back to the previous to get to the main menu.

myTransactions Tasks:  Coming Soon!  When the new myTransactions 2.0 comes out, you will be able to access your myTransactions/DotLoop Account, can’t wait!!!

There you have it, eEdge on the GO!  A new tool to use for your business so try it out today!

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.

DotLoop Form Sets

A Form Set can be used to save you lots of time when listing a house or writing a contract.  Inside myTransactions, powered by DotLoop are Form Sets, which is what they call groups of documents pre-selected together.  You can create a Form Set in two ways.

Form Set Menu

The first way to create a form set is to go into the “My Account” section and on the middle right list of additional options, click on “Form Sets”.  Now you will see an “Add” button at the top right of each type of loop.  Once you click the “Add” button it will take you to the form list and attachment libraries.  Select the appropriate forms for the group of forms you want.  For example if you are putting together forms for a Residential FHA Contract, then you would want to add all of your state or board forms needed.  Not only can you select from your forms, but you can also select any attachments that you have loaded.  You will need to name your Form Set at the top.  Once you have added all of the forms and attachments to complete your Form Set, click “Save & Continue” at the bottom right. Once you have saved them it will take you back to the list of Form Sets.

Edit Form Set Defaults

Click on the same From Set again and you will see “Edit Defaults” next to the forms and attachments. You can go through each from and fill in the information that is the same on every contract or listing.  For example, you are always the selling agent on your own contract so you can fill in your information.  Don’t forget to “Save & Complete” after you are done with each form.  The attachments also allow you to add the signatures, initials, text boxes or checkboxes.  (TIP: You can also use the Layouts from your office, see the other blog post about Layouts)  Once you have made all your changes, “Save & Continue” at the bottom.

Form Set Selected

The second way to create a Form Set starts the same way you select one to use.  When creating a loop, before you select the loop type, there is a drop down below the loop type that will display the current Form Sets for that loop type.  Select one and then click the loop type to create the loop.  It will ask for the address and then take you to the form and attachment.  Select the forms that you want to add to your Form Set and check the “Save” box on the right.  Click “Save & Continue” at the bottom right and then you will have the forms selected for that loop and a Form Set created.  This is the faster way to create a Form Set that you are also going to use, but it does not allow you to edit the defaults here.  To edit the defaults, refer back to the previous paragraph on how to edit them.

Quick Save Form Set

The DotLoop Form Sets can also be added from the broker level, but as the agent you can not edit the defaults until you save them as your own Form Set.

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.

Quick Add a Client to a Campaign

Now you have a campaign going and you want to add a client.  There are a few ways to do this, but the simplest for a single or just a few clients is to do them individually.

Campaign myContacts Menu

First, sign into your myKW.KW.com and click on “View Contacts” in your eEdge dashboard.  Search for and click on the name of the client you want to add to the campaign.  Scroll down to the bottom of the contact’s information until you see the grey “Campaigns” and next to that is the blue “Add Contact to a Campaign”.  Once you click on this a new window will pop-up and show your campaigns that you have created.  Check the box next to the campaign you want to add them to and then click “Add to Campaigns”.  If you click on the “Campaigns” link, it will show you the campaigns this client is attached to.  This is also where you remove them from a campaign.  Click to check the box next to the campaign you want to remove them from and then click “Remove from Campaign”.

myContacts Removing Campaign

The second way to add them to a campaign is to go into the myMarketing section.  From you myKW.KW.com home page, click on the “+” next to myMarketing and “Create and Manage Campaigns”.  This will take you to your campaign dashboard.  Click on the little gear next to the campaign that you want to add some one to and it will give you a drop-down of options.  Select “Add/Remove Contacts” and it will pull up the list of all of your contacts on the left and the contacts in the campaign on the right.  Add (or remove) the clients that you want from that campaign and then “Return to Campaigns Home”.

myCampaign Dashboard

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.

Embed Video into eEdge Website

I get this question asked a lot and it is a great way to enhance your website!  For todays example, we are going to add the YouTube video by KWRI with Jay Papasan of “Why some houses sit while others sell” to our Sell tab of our eEdge website.

Manage eEdge Website

Manage eEdge Website

First, sign into your myKW.KW.com intranet and go the “Manage eEdge Website” under the myMarketing section of your eEdge.  We are going to add a video in the “Sell” tab of your eEdge website so go to the “Sell Text” on the left side of the screen.  Scroll down to the bottom of the edit box and click on the box to put your curser at the end of the text.  Press enter to add a space and that is where are are going to add our video.

YouTube Embed VideoNow, on another tab or window to to the website that has the video you want to enter.  For this one we are going to YouTube.com and search for the video.  Once you find the video you want click on the “Share” button below the video and then “Embed”.  Now select the “Use old embed code” and unselect the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”.  You can also change the size of the video box by selecting the drop down or choosing custom to add your own size.  Copy all of the code in the box above.

Do NOT forget to click the HTML button!

Do NOT forget to click the HTML button!

Go back to your myKW.KW.com website and you should be on the same place where you left your curser at the bottom of the “Sell Text” box.  The most important step to this is to click the HTML button at the top of the edit box.  If you skip this step it WILL lock up this page if you try to insert HTML code to the regular box and save it!  Once the HTML box opens, it will look like garbage, but scroll to the bottom and “paste” the embed code from YouTube.  Click “Update” and it will take you back to the edit box.  You will only see a yellow box where the video will show on the website.  You can now center the video or change the alignment by putting your curser next to the yellow box and selecting the alignment at the top.  Click the “Save” button and go to your website to make sure it shows the way you want it to.  To see our finished product from this example, click here.  Now you have embed a video into your eEdge website!

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.

Customizing myMarketing Campaigns

You have a myMarketing Campaign created and you are now on the Campaign Home page. The summary of the myMarketing Campaigns along with the “Actions” button which looks like a gear are displayed here.  Click on the gear and the options that appear are: Pause, Manage Delivery Options, Add/Remove Contacts, Rename Campaign and Delete Campaign.  Most of these are self explanatory, but the one you may not recognize is the “Manage Delivery Options”.  It’s the best button of all because that is where the magic happens!!

Options on the Campaign Home Screen

Options on the Campaign Home Screen

Manage Delivery Options is where you go to change: Campaign name, update deliver order, change to all direct mail, change to all email the order of the campaign or save deliver options.  Each campaign piece can have the following edits: order of the piece, deliver format, email subject and schedule day(s) after contact is added or previous element.  The best options are on the right, the 3 picture icons on the right side.  The X will delete the element completely after asking you to confirm.  The magnifying glass will show you a preview of the campaign piece.  The pencil allows you to edit the pictures, words and basic over all look of each element.

Here is the good stuff! Click on the pencil and it opens the editing option.  If you do not have silverlight on your computer, it will tell you to install it.  It’s ok, this is a required install and safe for your computer.  The fonts will load and then you will need to click on the “Start Editing”.  On the left you will see a list of all of the elements and by putting your curser on the titles it shows a line and box around the element on the right.  With a curser over the picture, text or graphic it will also show you the same box and line to the title of that element.  When you click on the element it displays the editing options at the top of the screen.  If you have selected an image, it will allow you to replace, crop, mirror, link or delete the image.  The “link” option is great to use if you are sending emails because once linked to a website, your clients can get to any website you want!  Another missed option is the “Add” (green plus) which gives you the option to add an image, text box, bing map, link to video, rectangle, circle or line.  What about adding a map to an email of an open house you are holding open and then link that map to the web page that gives details of the property you are holding open?

Editing a Campaign Element

So now you have your myMarketing Campaign element the way you want it, don’t forget to “Save” or “Save As”.  If you skip this step it will revert back to the original format when you exit.  Once you save, it will ask you if you want to continue editing or exit the editor.  If you keep editing don’t forget to save again. The next question if you select exit is “Are you sure you want to exit?”, saying yes will take you back to the campaign home page.

Now you have all the tools you need to Customize your myMarketing Campaign so happy marketing!

Quick Tip: Anywhere you see a yellow question mark, hold your curser over it and a box will show describing what that function does.

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.

Creating myMarketing Campaigns

Marketing is an important piece of your business.  What, you didn’t know you were in the marketing business? Well, consider all of the things that you have to market in order to keep your business going: Your Skills, Your Listings, Your Website, Your Company and of course You!  One of the most important pieces of your business is LEAD GENERATION!  Marketing is a part of your lead generation process, but NOT a total replacement.  Ok, so let’s get to the customization of myMarketing!myMarketing Campaigns

Let’s talk about the Campaigns because they are pre-built systems in place that do some of the marketing for you!  Sign into your myKW.KW.com and click on the + next to the myMarketing then click on the “Manage and Create Campaigns”.  Then at the top left you will see an option for “Build a New Campaign” and click on it.  You will see a list of types of campaigns.  If you do not have “pro Market Leader” they will will have some titles with the word “pro” next to it.  Today we are going to focus on strictly the eEdge basic side of myMarketing.  The three main sections are Market my Business: Buyers, Sellers, and Sphere.  The other option you will see when you click on each one of these is there are two of each campaign.  One is for individual agents and the other with the same name says “team” next to it which means the wording is geared toward comments like “we” instead of “I” and “ours” instead of “my”.  You get the idea.

Options when selecting a Campaign

Options when selecting a Campaign

First we are going to talk about a 8×8 (either Buyer or Seller).  In case you are wondering an 8×8 stands for making 8 touches in 8 weeks.  For this example I’m clicking on “8×8 Seller: Here to Help You Sell”.  Once you have selected the campaign you will see 3 boxes that say “Email”, “Multi-Chanel” and “Direct Mail”.  Inside each box shows the pieces listed as emails, direct mail and activities.  Next to the list of pieces is the “Cost $ per contact”.  Email is free and direct mail costs money to print and postage to mail, so depending on your option will have a different expense.  Before you click on one of them, you might want to preview the pieces, so click on “Campaign Elements” at the bottom of the box.  Once you do, the words will turn red and display a snap shot of the pieces along with the title, scheduled date and delivery format.  Click on one to display a sample of what it will look like larger with your marketing information on it. (Marketing information comes from your set-up section under myMarketing and Manage eEdge Website.)  At the top click on the red “Next Step”.

Adding and Removing Contacts in a Campaign

Adding and Removing Contacts in a Campaign

Now you have to select who you want to send it to.  If you are going to completely customize it and not send it right away, you might want to just put yourself on it and then go back and add your contacts.  Select the name(s) you want to add to this campaign and click on the “Add”.  It will open a box that will tell you how many contacts you have selected and the cost both per contact and total cost.  Click on the box that says “I have previewed all elements and approve them to be sent to selected contacts” and then click “+ Add Contacts to Campaign”.  You will then see the contacts you selected on the right side and it will say “Active” next to their name.  Now at the top click on “Save Campaign”.  If you selected a campaign that costs money and you do not have billing set up, it will pop up a message and then ask you if you want to set it up now or cancel.  It will not add your contacts and put your campaign in “Inactive, Add Contacts” status.

Options on the Campaign Home Screen

Options on the Campaign Home Screen

Your campaign is now set up and ready to go.  The next post will contain details of editing and enhancing your campaign, so check back.

I can be reached at Carolynt@kw.com, by phone or text at 918-951-9020 or visit my website at www.SearchTulsaHouses.com.

Are you Ready for the KW Mobile App?

As I’m sure you have heard, Keller Williams is coming out with an App for every agent!  Before the App is launched at the first of the year, there are some things you can do to be sure your app will work starting the day it is launched.
Here is how you make sure you are set up.  First log into your myKW.KW.com and then on the home tab click on “Agent Website Administration”.  When the new window opens go into “4.0 Add Listing/IDX Search” and then “4.1 Add IDX Search”.  In the middle of the screen you will see an option to check a box next to “YES! Set up my eAgentC IDX powered by WolfNet” and then “Sign Up”.  It will then take you to the next screen that has additional directions.  From here you just have to wait about 2 weeks for an email with a link to add to this same page.  You may be wondering how this is connected to your myKW App, well this is where the IDX pulls the listings for your clients to search.  Do you know what an IDX is?  IDX stands for Internet Data eXchange and it allows your customers to have access to search the “public” part of MLS using your connection as a REALTOR to MLS.  WolfNet is the vender partner that provides the data stream from your local MLS to Keller Williams systems.

Adding IDX to eAgentC and getting KW App ready

Once you get the email from WolfNet confirming your IDX is active, it will also include a link.  That link will need to be added in the 4.1 section of the Agent Website Administration and saved.  Now you are set for the IDX portion of the myKW App and your eAgentC website IDX.

IDX is Added, but your not done yet!

Get your Profile to 100%

The other part of making sure you are myKW App ready is to get your profile percentage to 100%.  From the home screen in your myKW.KW.com you will see a number below your name.  Below your picture is a link that says “Profile” and once you have clicked on that it will take you to the screen that shows your sections of profile.  In the 3rd column from the left under the word “My Referrals” click the “edit” link.  The top section needs to have something in each field with the accept ion of the first and last ones (Team Name and Loss Midigation Resume).  In the second section the only fields that are not required are the YouTube URL, Google+ and LinkedIn.  All of the rest need to have at least something in them.  If you do not have a Facebook or Blog, you can always put KWRI’s links in those fields.  The links for those are: Facebook: KellerWilliamsRealty, Twitter: kwri, Blog: http://blog.kw.com.  You can put any video on the YouTub link as long as you click the “share” button on the YouTube video to display on your profile.  Don’t forget to “Save” at the bottom!

That should do it, you are ready to go!

Find me on the web at SearchTulsaHouses.com or email at Carolynt@kw.com or call/text at 918-951-9020.