I have a New Lead in myContacts, now what?

Our Keller Williams eEdge websites are designed to be lead capturing websites.  In case you are wondering lead capturing means that it is set up so that when a customer goes to your website and clicks on properties, they can view the details of 1 property and then when they go to the 2nd property, it prompts the customer need to enter their first name, last name and email address.  This “captures” the customer’s information and adds into your database (myContacts).  One of the best things about eEdge is that each piece of this real estate pie is connected so when a customer registers on your website, they are also added to your database.

Ok, so the customer has registered on your website and is now in your myContacts so that you can market to them and with cultivation, also into a transaction.  With your new lead, when you click on their name from your “New Lead” link on your myKW home  screen.  This takes you to the dashboard and shows the names of the new leads that have come in.  Before clicking on the lead, you will see some icons below the name.The House with the arrow indicates that the customer has set up a search for homes (listing alert).  If you hold your curser over the icons it will give you a description.  The Green dollar sign means that the customer needs to get mortgage approved.  In other words, send their information to a lender to get approved and/or send them a few lenders to contact.  The Picture of the cell phone indicates that the customer has given you their number, which means you NEED TO CALL them!!  Last and certainly not one you want is the envelope with the red X which indicates the email address is invalid (not working).

Choose a new lead by clicking on their name.  This will open up the contact details and show you their average price, number of houses they have viewed and saved along with a few other things.  By scrolling down tot he bottom and looking at the emails the system has sent the customer on your behalf.  This also shows the welcome email with the customer’s password.  If you do not have pro, this is a way to log into your own website as the customer and see the listings that they have viewed and saved.

If you call them or send an email that is from your person email address, you can add a comment about your conversation or note you sent them.  This is a great way to keep track of your communication with your customers.

Now it’s time to try it… Sign into your myKW and start working your leads!!

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