Email Creates a New Loop

Some features completely change the way you do something!  This new option to create a loop by sending an email is one such feature.  It is pretty simple and here is how it works.

1. Create an email to your dotloop email address.  (Your email address is typically  It can also be found in the templates section at the top of the page.)  Sample Email new Loop

2. In this email, attach the documents you want to load into the loop and in the subject line type this: “new loop:”.  The colon is required.  If you do not add anything after the colon it will name it “This is your new loop”.  If you do add something after the “:” then that will be the name of the loop.  For example: “new loop: 1st Emailed Loop”, then your loop will be named exactly that, see the example below.

New Loop from Email

This does not submit it to the office for you, but it does create the loop for you.  This is a great option for agents that just want to turn in documents but not use all of the options of dotloop.

The second new feature to emailing into your dotloop account is that you can now add documents to a specific loop just by sending an email.  The email address to send it to can be found inside your loop under the “add documents” and it is the 3rd option on the right.  Please note: If you change the loop name, the “email files in” address will also files in

It’s time for you to try!  Go create your own 1st Emailed Loop!

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myTransactions Includes an Upload Email!

myTransactions is a fabulous and one of my favorite parts of eEdge.  I would like to explain a little about myTransactions before telling you the new stuff.  The basic principle behind myTransactions is a platform based on a virtual conference table to negotiate.  I have been using this system for about a year and a half now and could not be happier.  This allows an agent to write contracts, negotiate, send and store documents all in one convenient place! If you’re reading this and don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, the rest of this article may not make much since to you.  For those of you experienced in myTransactions, let’s talk about one of the new features!

So we have all had times where we were not at a scanner and needed to load documents into our loops.  One of the new features just added to myTransactions and DotLoop is now you have your own email to send PDF’s.  The email is typically composed like this:  You can find your email by signing in and looking at the “Agent Home”, then “Attachment Library”, then the “Upload via Email” tab.  At the top of that screen will be your DotLoop uploading email address.

Snapshot Directions

Once you have this email address, you can send documents to yourself or give the address to your clients to send them directly to your DotLoop account!  Keep in mind that only PDF’s are uploaded, if a JPG or any other non-PDF document, the system will still send you an email with the other attachments, it just won’t upload it into your attachment library.  You are probably wondering where you find these documents once they are uploaded.  They come into your email address with a link that takes you directly into your account.  If you are logged into your myTransactions, from your “Agent Home”, click on the “Attachment Library” and then the “Uploaded via Email” and all of your documents will be listed.

Under the “Upload via Email” tab you have several options next to your documents.  Your first option is “Rename” and when you click on it the name of the document is editable.  You do not have to leave the “.pdf” extension at the end.  Your next option is “Copy to Loop”.  This one, when clicked on will bring up a window that asks what kind of loop and then check the box next to the loop to copy it into and click the “Copy” button.  The third option is “Download” and this will download it onto your computer.  Last but not least is the “Delete” button.  Once deleted, it asks you to confirm and once you confirm it, you can NOT undo this.

While you are out and a document comes into your email, remember you have this option.  Also a great idea to save this email address in your contacts so you can not only forward it quickly from your own email but also share the contact information with your clients and other REALTORS to send you documents.

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